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September 27, 2007


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I got that idea shortly after I stopped playing City of Heroes/City of Villains and that background for the project took me forever :D.

Now what's that project all about?

Everyone can make an emoticon which is either a hero or a villain (or both).
I just ask for your originality ;), create your own hero / villain (in an emote-form).

So Batman, Spiderman, Hulk etc. are not what that city needs. (Sure if an already existing superhero/-villain is some sort of a god to you, then you can make him/her as an emoticon for sure, but I don't want 20 Supermans, 15 Radioactive Mans lurking around :D)

If your superEmoti is done you submit it, send me a note and I will update the deviation.

Normally I will place your work on the project so it will be good filled and in nearly every corner there will be one.

IF you have special requests, like "My hero should stay on the top of one of the front houses" then just tell me and please tell me exactly where! ;)

If all special places are filled there will be no more place but hovering/flying in the air or standing on the ground. So "First come, first served." ;)

Project Thumbnail

Project of Heroes - Villains by crula

General Information & Rules

- Create an emoticon which is either a hero or a villain

- That emoticon has to be a *.gif or a *.png with NO animation.

- You can submit both and if there are not that much entries you will be allowed to make more then one of each fraction

- Send me a note with the link to your work and tell me where you want it to be in the city

- Please try to make heroes/villains in normal size and not KingKongs or Godzillas

- Don't make too big effects which cover half buildings

- If you have questions: just ask! ;)

:+fav: If you like the project please fav this news post too. Thx =) :+fav:
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darkxlink Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
can i make a entire cause i just started mine
mo-laflaga Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2008
Is it too late for me to help out?
Leonike Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2008  Student
Duz the background haff 2 be transparent or can i just keep it white?
Leonike Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2008  Student
just one question, and i dont know why i keep asking ppl this,

did you do this on paint?
FlanChan Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008   Interface Designer
can i still submit an emote for the project? :D
MazdaTiger Featured By Owner May 12, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
wow just wow
MazdaTiger Featured By Owner May 12, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
(connection: sorry to double post)

too bad its over though :(
Cave-Shinobi Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008  Student General Artist
i'll start doing my emoticon^^
ALol Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2007
I hope I can enter.
Nielok Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2007  Student General Artist
Hope i still can joine this project (just started with making emoti, cool it is =D)
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