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September 27, 2007
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Project of Heroes - Villains by crula Project of Heroes - Villains by crula
Note: When you fav this please also fav the news. The link is under "information" thanks :thanks:.

I got that idea some time after I stopped playing City of Heroes / City of Villains.


News: [link]
If you like the project please :+fav: also the news. :thanks:


1. *LaughingAstarael - [link] (left, first left building, on roof)
2. ~CookiemagiK - [link] (flying near the middle, with the lantern)
3. =de-Mote - [link] (flying middle, orange-beam)
4. *MrM4tty - [link] (left-middle on ground, with the hovering street-part)
5. ~Chisuka - [link] (left, over the first skyscraper)
6. ~SpringlessClock - [link] (flying middle, big white wings)
7. =Haraku-chan - [link] (flying high, left)
8. ~Tolana - [link] (left, on the second left skyscraper)
9. ~spencerjg - [link] (left ground, in front of sports store)
10.~yadu - [link] (left ground, short distance of the sports store)
11.~Asmodiel - [link] (ground, in front of the last small building on hero side)
12.~BreD-site - [link] (middle ground, purple shield)
13.~MantidSwarm - [link] (roof, second left hero building)
14.~FrozenSocks - [link] (middle ground, near hero statue)
15.*ZeKRoBzS - [link] (far left, ground)
16.~Kumiko-san - [link] (on roof of first left hero building)
17.~TheTracker - [link] (far left up flying)
18.=Riku4526 - [link] (in front of sports store)
19.~Oktanas - [link] (middle street front of sports store)
20.~eupholic - [link] (up air, middle)
21.~khcat - [link] (above the first left building)
22.=miksmote - [link] (middle ground)
23.~Aurablade - [link] (flying middle left)

1. =Droneguard - [link] (flying in front of dark clouds, near middle)
2. ~Jeriko-X - [link] (near the burning barrel)
3. =de-Mote - [link] (flying middle, red beam)
4. ~Oktanas - [link] (middle down ground, with the rocks above it)
5. *dmonicloli - [link] (right on roof, blue flame in her hand)
6. ~yadu - [link] (right ground, in front of the grey ruined house)
7. =thebdawg - [link] (flying right, in front of dark clouds)
8. ~BreD-site - [link] (ground, big stone in hands)
9. ~Chisuka - [link] (hanging down the first right villain house)
10.~crakaemotes - [link] (middle ground)
11.~Captain-Laserpants - [link] (flying middle)
12.~EmeraldWolf77 - [link] (far right, ground)
13.~BerenSaelor - [link] (ground right, in front of the second left villain building)
14.=Riku4526 - [link] (near the left broken streetlamp)
15.~zazaleto - [link] (in front of the last right building)
16.~khcat - [link] (in front of the last right building)
17.~Dha-Reaper - [link] (street, in front of first left villain building)

1. Me - (middle ground, blue one with cape vs dark one with claws)
2. ~RainbowKnight1 - [link] (left-middle on ground, hero holds a pokeball)
3. ~Hao-ART - [link] (flying middle, blue vs black with flamehand)
4. ~Selvo - [link] (middle right ground, red-fire attacking deep-blue one)
5. ~jamal1 - [link] (far right ground, yellow vs black ghost-looking)
6. ~crazed-scifi-fan - [link] (ground, blue earth attack vs red shielding)
7. *Hurley001 - [link] (near second left villain building, the ufo-thing)
8. ~neonthebattlehog - [link] (far left ground)
9. ~AxelVIIII - [link] (middle, flying in front of the brown skycraper)
10.~Clone-Trooper - [link] (middle left ground)
11.~boltfox17 - [link] (ground, right of first left building)
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glitchings Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
is this still open?
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Wow! This is so good, it took me 8 minutes to find a suitable word for this: flabbergasting! :la:
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Is this still open?
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Gonna make my Villain soon.
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arthurpprado Featured By Owner May 2, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the first [link]
the second [link]
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the fourth [link]

every similarity with exisisting heroes is mere coincidance
arthurpprado Featured By Owner May 1, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
may i put four heroes?
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